Cancellation Policy

We have made very easy cancellation policy for you.

Below are the reasons acceptable for Cancellations. 

Cancellation is accepted under following circumstances only,

We are unable to ship the product to the Buyers location

We do not have the product in Stock / Having extreme delay in Shipping

Order can be cancelled on request,  if order is not picked up by courier company

You can send order cancellation request by signing in “My Account” also

If you fail canceling your order online kindly call us on +91-8799446908 or mail us 

You can cancel your order until you have received it.

If you accept your order from delivery boy then it can not be cancelled but it will be count as replacement policy only

If you wish to cancel order after placing order and if it is in a transit (in transport), you need to wait until delivery boy attempts delivery

Please note, two way shipping charges will be charged, in-case of customer cancel the order after order is shipped and in transit

If you wish to cancel your order after placing an order, you need to wait for delivery and you need to deny accepting your order from delivery boy

After that your order will be returned to the seller and you will be refunded

2.18% Payment gateway charges will be charged and rest of amount will be refunded, if customer cancels order in above conditions

Please note that, order can not be cancelled but you can request for return or replcement, if customer accepts delivery of goods from delivery boy


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